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It's hard to overstate just how delicious and delicate rosewood smells. It's spicy and sweet, citrusy and refreshing. Centering and focusing. Wearing it throughout the day is a continuous reminder of the intention you've selected. 


This wood's energy is primarily feminine, and focused on spiritual, intuitive health and beauty. Rosewood is motherly, spiritual, and nourishing. It lends a boost to intuitive thought and feeling, and is thus excellent in divination and scrying. A healing wood, rosewood can be used in all healing rituals but is especially effective in spiritual healing. In matters dealing with beauty, rosewood can be very effective. This wood will enhance female beauty and feminine grace. It would be good for love spells as well, but only those conducted with maturity and wisdom. Frivolous energies will not be enhanced by this wood. 


Finished with a healing, carnelian, pebble guru bead and purple (third eye) tassle, this mala is a healer. 


Add a sage bundle or palo santo wand to your order and cleanse your mala upon receipt. 

rosewood mala

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