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The guru bead on this mala is a purple quartz druzy that looks like a planet amid a sparkling galaxy of opalite and amethyst. Tied with a rainbow, this mala is extraordinarily powerful for opening the upper chakras and must be worn with care. If you're looking to expand your consciousness, explore your dreams and lean into your intuition, this is an excellent tool. Plan to do plenty of grounding work if you're going to wear this all day. 🌈🔮📿

opalite & amethyst mala

  • Each mala is handmade with 100% natural, semi-precious stones. Although they are designed to last for years, every once in a while, they break. It's said that when a mala breaks, it has served its purpose and has brought to fruition the intention with which it was created. However, if your mala breaks and you'd like it to be repaired, we are happy to accomodate your request. Just send us a message and we will take care of you!

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