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This gorgeous blue apatite is very limted which is why it has its own listing. To include this in a mala kit, place it in your cart and then go to the Mala Kits & Parts page to select the remaining elements. 


The vibration within this blue stone facilitates deep meditation and the best way to use this stone is in meditation. Blue Apatite will stimulate the growth of the gift of clairvoyance or psychic visions and its metaphysical properties work through both the third eye chakra and throat chakras. It will assist you with lucid dreaming and astral travel, and it encourages you to be of service in a more humanitarian way. This is a strong stone to aid the development of psychic gifts, and its energy also helps spiritual attunement. It helps you accept yourself as you really are, and to gain greater self confidence. This stone works strongly within the throat chakra and the third eye chakra, and overall it is a powerful stone to aid the generation of many psychic gifts.If you are doing channeling this is also important and Blue Apatite will aid you to get the message through clearly and accurately. Like many blue crystals it has a strong action within the throat chakra, and it will especially assist you to communicate psychically. If you wish to work within any kind of psychic employment, this stone will help you, as it is necessary in these jobs for your communication to come through clearly.

loose crystal: apatite

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