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Howlite encourages you to set aside the personality mask you don to face the world, allowing you to be true to yourself and your inner knowing. This stone opens attunement and prepares the mind to receive wisdom. Howlite absorbs anger, be it your own or another person's aimed at you. It facilitates calm and reasoned communication. 

Turquoise bridges earth and heaven and is sacred to Native Americans. To be given a turquoise brings good fortune and peace. It is protective and has been used for amulets since time began, defending against injury, outside influences, or atmospheric pollutants. Turquoise is a powerful energy conduit and releases old vows, inhibitions, prohibitions, dissolves a martyred attitude or self sabotage and allows the soul to express itself once more.

Tangerine quartz is used for soul retrieval, integration and to heal after psychic attack. It takes you beyond a limited belief system and into a more positive vibration. It demonstrates that like attracts like and teaches how to both give and receive. It is an excellent stone to be used after shock or trauma.

This is an extremely powerful and healing mala.

howlite, turquoise & orange quartz mala

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