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Design your workshop mala kit!

If you have already signed up to attend an upcoming mala making workshop through our host, please use this form to complete your registration!

Malas can be based on a Mantra, a Chakra or a Vedic birth chart. Please select which one you'd like:
  • Mantra Mala:

If you'd like a mala based on an intention, please tell us about it here:

  • Chakra Mala:

If you'd like to base your mala on a particular chakra, please select one:

  • Vedic Birth Chart:

If you'd like a complimentary Vedic birth chart, please submit the necessary info below. In order to build an accurate chart, all three pieces of information are needed.


If you don't know your exact birth time, please choose an intention or chakra mala instead.

Were you born in the morning or evening?

Your mala kit is in the works!

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